Sunday, July 31, 2011

Searching for that "perfect" storage solution...

But then, aren't we all?  This papercraft hobby seems to involve endless numbers of tiny things that need to be stored in a manner that:

  1. keeps them neat and prevents them from being damaged or lost
  2. keeps them organized so that we can find them when we need them, and can see what we have
  3. fits in the space that we have available
  4. preferably does not cost an arm and a leg
To this end, I have spent countless hours arranging and re-arranging my crafting supplies.  I'm doing that again today.  Most of my embellishments had been stored in a wide 3-drawer Iris-type cart.  Ribbons were (and still are) in the top drawer, and the bottom two drawers were divided into alpha and non-alpha embellishments.

That worked for a while, but things seemed to get lost in the drawers - they were just too big, and I had to dig through everything in order to find what I wanted - if I even remembered I had it to begin with.  I thought about buying a Clip-It-Up or the lower priced Hobby Lobby version, but I just have too many embellishments for that to work.  I'd have to have multiple units, and that's cost-prohibitive - not to mention all of the space it would take up.

I did have a rolling 12x12 file rack that was sitting unused, so I decided to see if I could make that work.  It's not costing me anything since I already own it, and it slides easily under my work table, so that's a plus. I grabbed a stack of my Dollar Tree 12x12 plastic envelopes and got to work.  I'll post some photos when I'm done and let you know how it's working.  

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