Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flowers from a friend... Auntea Suzz!

I have "known" my fellow stamper Suzanne Bompensa for more than nine years, and I finally got to meet her in person this past weekend when stampers from Florida, Michigan, Delaware, Alabama and South Carolina all converged here in my hometown to spend some time together doing what we love.  There were ten of us total, and Suzanne made each of us a gift set.  This is the first part of the set - each of the flowers is a spool of ribbon.

Inside the bag was this little matchbox die set of drawers.  Inside each drawer, and matching the color of each drawer, were flowers and a tiny package of Flower Soft.  But that's not all.  Oh no... if it were, anyone could have churned out nine of these.  But Suzanne is not just anyone, and she was far from finished.

There were also two packages, one containing these powdered drink mix-ins for our water, and the other one containing the Deluxe M&M's which my daughter has already eaten.  (sorry).  And then there was this box.

And inside that box, there was:

a pen
a binder clip
a notebook
two post it pads
three tea bags
an embellished paper clip
four mini note cards with envelopes
four standard sized cards with embossed envelopes

each of the cards opened in a different way, and was lavishly embellished.
Because that's how Auntea Suzz rolls.
Love you, Suzz!

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